Article: ‘The sound of the future’

An interesting article in the Daily Yomiuri about the current state and future of Japanese music: The sound of the future by Paul Jackson.

The article starts with the recent decision of the Tokyo District court that MMO Japan is subject to 71 million ¥ compensation to JASRAC and RIAJ for running the Filerogue filesharing software and contrasts several views and strategies concerning music downloads with each other (without being very critical, though). Jackson also touches the emerging phenomenon of 着歌 (chakuuta), which are copy-protected samples of hit singles that customers can download and use as ringtone for their mobile phones (currently only AU). In a next phase, Ryo Miyamae of Universal Music Japan foresees the emergence of an iPod like mobile phone that would enable users to download complete music tunes (and which will be, beyond doubt, full with DRM bloat).

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