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This blog has a new feature: if things work fine, you should see a PHP driven block called ‘Latest Japanese Copyright News’ in the frontpage’s sidebar.

A require_once() statement includes a file called rss.php, which grabs an RSS file and converts it to a series of links. The RSS file on its turn is generated by the fabulous Feedster blog search engine, and should consist of a set of links to topics related to this blog’s. The query currently used is title=(japan) AND description=(copyright OR "open source" OR filesharing OR "public domain" OR "file sharing" OR "creative commons") NOT (description=("copyright (2003 OR 2004)") OR permalink="") (probably to be reviewed sooner or later) and seems to produce useful results, though clearly with some false positives. Also, credit where credit is due: rss.php is powered by a slightly tweaked version of the Suttree PHP RSS parser‘s ‘t3h Geek’ variant.

Update 2004-01-06: I’ve updated the query; title=japan* AND description=(copyright OR p2p OR "file sharing" OR filesharing OR DRM OR icommons) NOT ("copyright (2003 OR 2004)" OR chosaq) should produce more useful results.

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