Winny crackdown

According to an article in Mainichi Interactive, two people have been arrested on charges of sharing copyrighted movies and computer games with the popular Winny filesharing software. In an apparently related move, law enforcers also searched the home of the developer of Winny and shut down the website with downloads of the software. Especially the latter event is frightening – not only does it show the Japanese government’s commitment to ‘crack down’ on the filesharing phenomenon, but it also proves that filesharing software an sich is considered as being illegal.

A discussion about legal uses or possible benefits of filesharing? Well, it looks like the Japanese government doesn’t really mind participating. Curious how this will turn out.

Update: the article apparently moved to the archives.

Update 2: and the article has moved again.

Update 3: maybe this will work better: Japanese police make first file-sharing arrests.

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