Threefold author-centrist developments in Japan

A follow-up of my earlier book lending entry: Japan’s Council for Cultural Affairs (文化審議会) has compiled a report promoting the introduction of a right of rental for books and magazines (貸与権) and an intensification of the penal provisions for copyright infringements (著作権侵害の罰則強化), that is, pushing up the limit of imprisonment from three to five years and the maximum fine from three million ¥ up to five million ¥. The paper also introduces the earlier mentioned idea of a ‘right of import for recordings’ (逆輸入権). Quite scary developments, all backed by a deeply rooted philosophy of author-centrism and sold as inevitable in the context of the information society.


Update: more coverage about the ‘right of import for recordings’ over at Melma!blog :第一ライン突破. Via Lenz Blog: International Exhaustion.

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