Soon twice

Posting to this site slowed down a bit, due to my trip to NYC. Catching up with reading news feeds right now, expect more soon.

In the meantime, maybe have a look at Sense of Wonder, which has a quite familiar feel… – its author happily used this site’s Movable Type templates, which is OK – I released them under a CC Attribution license, so people can build upon my work. However, not a glimpse of attribution (yet?). Guess its author, David Cerezo, will fix this soon…

Update 2004-02-25: David inserted an attribution string in each page’s source. Thanks, David and good luck with blogging!

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  1. Hi Andreas!

    Your quickness has surprised me: my weblog was opened a week ago, and I’m still playing with the CSS files and the various options of Movable Type, planning to provide RSS complete posts and other things. I’m not much of a webdesigner, so your templates have been essential to my web: don’t you worry, I planned to give proper credits at the end of adaptation process…

    Thank you very much!

    » David Cerezo Sánchez on February 16th, 2004 at 17:57

  2. David, no problem. Just teasing you a bit. Glad the templates are of any use. Good luck with blogging!

    » Andreas on February 16th, 2004 at 21:34