Alive and kickin’ – and with a bunch of new features

After a temporary blogging slowdown, this blog is alive and kickin’ again (hum, have I said this before?) and I have serious plans to boost up the posting rate. A short overview of the new features:

  • As Furl became my favorite tool for organizing and saving (!) articles, webpages and resources from the web (thanks for the pointer Hans), I decided it deserved a place on this blog, too. Check the sidebar: the ‘Worth reading’ block, which was painstakingly hard to maintain, is replaced by ‘Furled items’, which is a short list with the 10 most recent items in my Public Furl Archive. In case you prefer tracking my Furl Archive with your newsreader, that’s possible, too.
  • Note that ‘Latest copyright news’ is gone – scraping feeds for copyright related news is extremely hard, especially because a lot of sites include a copyright notice in their feed, or even in the body of the individual posts (e.g. when quoting another news source). This resulted in ‘copyright related links’ that had nothing to do with copyright – I decided to replace the block with my Public Furl Archive, which is probably more interesting for the occasional visitor.
  • An annoying CSS bug finally got fixed: links in blog posts are always clickable now, whatever their position on the page – before, some links became unclickable in Mozilla when resizing the browser window.
  • Chosaq also looks good on a mobile phone now! That means there’s a separate stylesheet for handheld devices + additional navigation links (only viewable in mobile platform browsers such as OpenWave).

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  1. Andreas- could you share with us how you were able to put your furled items into your blog? I am thinking about doing that with

    » gen on May 18th, 2004 at 10:46