Akio Nakamata on the right of import for recordings

コントロールの強化は本当に文化に寄与するのか? (Does increased control really contribute to culture?) is the title of an excellent article by Akio Nakamata over at Nikkei Net.

Nakamata focuses on the recent move to a right of import for recordings (輸入権) and links it with the emergence of Copy Controlled CDs (CCCD) on the Japanese market. His analysis seems to make sense – a CD import ban would limit the choice of the Japanese consumer to the Copy Controlled variant of the CD he or she likes to buy; an imported, cheaper and less-restricted (but legal!) alternative won’t be available any longer. Nakamata states that this is part of the Japanese government’s wacky plan to become a ‘nation built on intellectual property’ (知的財産立国) – I’m afraid he’s right.

In related news and found at Nakamata’s blog: a Japanese version of Lessig’s famous Free Culture lecture (transcript). Worth a look.

Link credit: Copy & Copyright Diary, where you can also find 4 other links to articles about the recent 輸入権 fuss.

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