Hisamichi Okamura questioning recent IP developments

An excellent interview with Prof. Hisamichi Okamura in last week’s ITmedia: 「著作権が技術の将来を決めていいのか?」 (“Is it a good idea to let copyright decide over the future of technology?”).

Okamura questions the recent arrestment of the maker of Winny and states that this might threaten the further development of P2P technology. He compares this evolution with the Betamax case and points out that, in case Sony’s video recorder had been declared illegal, the video equipment landscape would have looked different. No video recorders, possibly no DVD recorders, etc.

Also, the following quote of Okamura is worth mentioning:


A translation: [Okamura:] “New technology is something that is built on the work of others. I doubt that it is a good idea to regulate technology within the small framework of copyright.”

Japan needs more articles like this.

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