Conversation between Ikeda Nobuo and Lawrence Lessig

Strange this fine e-mail conversation between Ikeda Nobuo and Lawrence Lessig, quoting Richard Perlman and Richard Stallman, has almost no refering links. Ikeda and Lessig tackle the recent Winny crackdown and the rise of CCCDs. A quote (Ikeda):

Moreover, since the Internet is essentially a P2P network in which a
“host” is connected directly to another host, such charges can be
applied to web servers and FTP servers. The police alleges that Kaneko
has the “clear intention” to violate the law because he confessed that
he had wished to change the current regime of copyright. Thus, in Japan,
any P2P developer can be arrested if he criticizes the copyright.

In the US, the developer of the P2P software and the code breaker of
copy protection were judged as not guilty. So Japan might be becoming
the most aggressive “copyright extremist” in the world.

Certainly worth a read.

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