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ITMedia has two fine articles on the content industry’s recent move to copy controlled carriers, zooming in on recent developments such as CCCDs, the broadcast flag, etc. Excellent stuff. In Japanese…

(Via Copy & Copyright Diary)

Furthermore, Keitai Watch has a summary with slides of the Mobidec 2004 talk about the soon-to-launch MOPASS card. From the MOPASS website:

MOPASS card (”MOPASS”stands for MObile PASSport)is an integrated card that combines memory card and smart card functions. It is upward compatible, as a memory card, with existing flash memory cards used in PCs, PDAs, mobile phones and other information devices. For smart card functions access, it does not need a specific smart card reader/writer, but just uses a memory card slot. Therefore, in the MOPASS world, a variety of secure services can be provided only through a memory card slot of various information devices. Being a”bridging media”across various devices and networks, MOPASS card aims to target a “world of Private & Public Ubiquitous Networks” in an open and secure manner worldwide.

Especially notice the “open and secure manner worldwide” part:

  • “open” because that sounds good
  • “secure” because there’s DRM inside
  • “worldwide” because they hope everybody will like it

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