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I returned to Tokyo on Thursday. I had an excellent trip, did all the things I wanted to do (including buying great coffee at Bleecker St.) and met a lot of interesting people along the way (some of which already started commenting on my blog entries :-) ).

Then, about the paper I presented at the Reproduction in Modern Japan conference over at Yale: I am currently looking for an academic journal to publish the paper, but also curious for feedback. Hence my decision to make the current (draft) version available online: download Closed architectures for content distribution: a threat for Japan’s creative future? (pdf) and post or mail your comments, thoughts, rants, etc.

Update 2005-02-13: Thanks for all the feedback. A revised version of my paper is published in the mid-February 2005 issue of Japan Media Review.

N.B.1: Note that, unlike the rest of this site, the draft is available under a classic all rights reserved license until it is published. After publication I plan to make the final version available under a CC-license (given that the journal that agrees to publish my paper allows me to do so).

N.B.2: Thanks and shoutouts to Bart Bagrowicz and Masamichi Yokogawa for proofreading and suggesting a couple of grammatical tweaks.

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  1. Very interesting presentation and analysis of how technological protective measures can prohibit “fair use” (USA) or “fair dealings” (Canada) of digital content. The Sony Aibo case is a pertinent example of consumer lobbying or an extra-judicial action to change a company’s intellectual property strategy… is this the only recourse we will have against companies’ digital IP policies in the future?

    » Olivier Charbonnreau on October 19th, 2004 at 16:30

  2. Great paper Andreas! I really enjoyed reading it. I think where you have made the most original and valuable contribution to the literature is in your fantastic survey of the technologies (which is lackign in most DRM literature), the Japanese situation and the comparison and contrast between mobile DRM and other DRM. Good job! You should have no trouble finding a journal to publish your work.

    I have a number of additional comments which I have made directly in the PDF and will email to you.

    » Axl on October 21st, 2004 at 01:19

  3. Thanks for the comments, Olivier and Axl. :-)
    Axl, I skimmed through the annotations you made in my paper – thanks a lot for all that work! I will certainly have a closer look at them and implement them where possible.

    » Andreas on October 21st, 2004 at 11:35