Chosaq v2

The second version of chosaq is online. Finally. The new layout speaks for itself, I think. A few pointers to stuff that’s new:

  • Unlike the previous version, and as announced earlier, chosaq v2 is powered by the great OS WordPress blogging platform.
  • TrackBacks are disabled, PingBacks enabled (again) (sort of: there’s still some problem going on, apparently). And for those who really want to dive into referal madness, there’s a Bloglines Citations link under each entry, which should give you an overview of which sites link to that specific entry you’re interested in.
  • Two sidebars: the left sidebar features chosaq related stuff, such as navigation and the like; the right one points to external sites—articles in my Furl archive, meetups I’m planning to attend, and blogs I read.
  • Conditional text display by means of the :target CSS3 selector; a couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article for Web-Graphics about this technique.
  • A revamped profile page, which now also features my humble webdesign portfolio and publications.
  • More technical details in an upcoming article for Web-Graphics

As for the content side, I plan to post more specific info about my own research. Posting frequency should be boosted, too. Ahem.

If you find any glitches, stuff that doesn’t work or if there are pages that don’t display correctly, please let me know. A bunch of redirects should solve the problem of the slightly changed permalinks, but they may not tackle all possible issues.


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