Paper on DRM in Japan published in Japan Media Review


Back in October, I blogged about the paper I presented at the Reproduction in Modern Japan conference in Yale University (2004-10-8/9/10).

A revised version of this paper has been published in the mid-February issue of Japan Media Review. Currently the paper is free as in “free beer”, meaning that its full text is available online—a Creative Commons licensed version follows in a couple of weeks.

Several people gave feedback on the first version of this paper; I especially would like to thank (in alphabetical order) Alex Cameron, Ian Condry, Karl-Friedrich Lenz and Luk Van Haute for their helpful suggestions and corrections, most of which were incorporated in the final version.

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  1. congratulations, this is a very interesting piece.
    I’m wondering if we’ll see a bigger reaction from end users to the closed architecture of keitai in the coming months, as the keitai market is much more important (both in numbers and usages) than the Aibo owners community. Maybe it’s the start of an open critique ?

    » Antonin on February 16th, 2005 at 00:11

  2. Andreas this is a very interesting article. Your article shares important understanding of underlying issues.

    As I am organising a visit to Tokyo for a Dutch business delegation on Media and ICT, I would appreciate to discuss a little more with you but I cannot find a contact button. could you be so kind to email me on guido [at] interimic [dot] com ? thank you

    » guido van nispen on February 27th, 2005 at 01:56