Some mobile DRM news

  • Last week, Sony Ericsson announced a “collaboration with Sony’s music download service Connect™, which will open on-line digital music purchasing to mobile phone users in various countries around the world.” A related PCWorld article learns us that both parties are looking at using OMA DRM in order “to stop the phone from being used to make unauthorized copies of copyright music files.” Three things to note here:
    1. Sony is apparently moving away from its own OpenMG DRM.
    2. Connect is a European Sony venture, in Japan there is Mora. Curious if we’ll see OMA integration in the Mora service, too.
    3. The phone they talk about will also support MP3:

      The Walkman phone will play music file formats such as MP3 and AAC (Advanced Audio Coding), according to Rikko Sakaguchi, Sony Ericsson’s head of product and application planning.

      I doubt we will see this one in Japan though.

  • Microsoft and Nokia announced a similar project on the same day; OMA DRM, WMA, Windows Media DRM, MPEG-AAC and Media Transfer Protocol support are the keywords there.
  • Expensive Anti-Piracyware Threatens Open Standard:

    Several consumer electronics makers balk at the $1 charge for anti-piracy technology proposed by the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), they told Reuters.

    TheFeature’s Mike Masnick take on this issue:

    The complaint is that $1 is too expensive. However, it’s not just the dollar that’s expensive — it’s the fact that they would be paying an extra dollar to make their own handsets less valuable to customers. That’s a very difficult business proposition to sell at any price.

    Couldn’t say it better.

    Update: MocoNews comes with a clarification/correction:

    The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) has denied that it is responsible for setting the $1 per device charge for digital rights management on mobile phones. The denial is in response to a reuters story that came out claiming that OMA was responsible for the charge instead of MPEG-LA, the group that has actually the charge.

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