Vodafone launches DTV cell phone

In the last couple of years, NTT DoCoMo, KDDI’s AU and Vodafone KK have unveiled a number of conceptual mobile phones that were able to receive digital terrestrial broadcasts. Since last week, it seems we are beyond the prototype stage: Vodafone, Sharp and NHK announced the (trial) launch of a cell phone with DTV support. As I pointed out in section 5 of my recently published paper:

The implications of this evolution are impressive; not only the record labels, but also the broadcasting companies will have their say over how […] mobile phones will be able to deal with the content they touch, thus slowing down innovation and burdening the public with DRM bloated devices.

According to the press release, the phone will be on display during NHK Open House 2005 — I’m curious what kind of DRM they have embedded. Stay tuned for more.

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