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I reported earlier that Apple’s iTunes Music Store was launched in Japan, thereby introducing another DRM format to the Japanese market: FairPlay. The Music Store seems to be a huge success, with 1 million downloads in the first four days. That’s more than what Sony’s Mora has been trying to sell in a month

There’s also some other iPod related news: ITmedia has another article + opinion piece about a possible expansion of Japan’s levy system to HDD based portable music players. The argument in favor of an expansion is classic: “There is a levy on MD players, so why not have one on iPods?” On the other hand, those resisting an iPod levy point out that there is DRM inside the iPod exactly for the purpose of “rights balancing” (whether that balance is fair or not is another thing), that iPods are also used as a backup tool, or else, for storing and viewing pictures, et cetera. It will be very interesting to see if the entertainment industry gets what it wants here. Expect more news over the next couple of months.

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