Cory Doctorow on DReaM (again)

Another follow-up to my thinking experiment about Sun’s Open Source DRM effort — Cory Doctorow in BoingBoing, reacting on a ZDNet blog entry:

[…] The gimmick is that Sun’s technology has to be run as signed code on trusted computing hardware, which means that while you can see the code, you can’t change it, improve it, or build on it.

Once you have code you can’t modify on hardware you can’t access, “open source” can’t be meaningfully used to describe a project. […]

Sun’s project doesn’t subvert DRM, it subverts open source. It complies — barely — with the letter of older OSS definitions, while gutting their spirit. […]

In other words, DReaM is absolutely not as “open” as Sun claims it to be. This doesn’t come as a surprise, though – an “open” DRM architecture is simply impossible.

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