Gmail to fix PDF usage restrictions loophole?

From a recent PDFzone article linking to my “Circumvent PDF DRM with Gmail” entry of a couple of weeks ago:

[…] John Landwehr, Adobe’s director of security solutions and strategy, said that Adobe contacted Google when it learned of the issue and the two companies worked together on a fix.

“Google’s implementation of Gmail Web-based e-mail was not accurately interpreting particular permission bits via its PDF-to-HTML conversion,” Landwehr wrote in an e-mail […].


Landwehr said that, moving forward, the Gmail HTML interpreter will no longer convert PDFs to HTML if a PDF’s owner specifies that the document isn’t to be copied or printed—similar to how the Google search engine HTML interpreter handles such documents […].

It seems like the fix mentioned in the article is a work in progress though: for now, PDF documents that have usage restrictions are still accompanied by the “View as HTML” link.

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