Keidanren pushing for a relaxation of DTV copying restrictions

Interesting news in the Daily Yomiuri Online: Keidanren eyes copyright law change. Apparently, the Nippon Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) understands that the slow adoption of DTV might have to do something with the restrictive DRM scheme Japanese broadcasts are locked in. From the article:

The Japan Business Federation (Nippon Keidanren) will set up an intellectual property rights committee to propose revising the Copyright Law in a bid to promote the reuse of TV programs, sources said Monday.


The committee will discuss the definition of “private use” under the Copyright Law, including the relaxation of regulations prohibiting the duplication of recorded digitally broadcast programs.

And of course:

It may influence government discussions on the issue, the sources said.

Also interesting to note:

The committee also will study a proposal to include general user rights in the law along the lines of a similar law in the United States, which says that fair use of content does not constitute a copyright violation.

Does this refer to Boucher’s DMCRA proposal maybe?

Very interesting developments, and the fact that the Nippon Keidanren is behind all this, shows that Japanese companies start realizing DRM doesn’t make a lot of sense, business-wise.

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  1. […] “[…] citing government sources […]”: it’s maybe necessary to point out that this is not an entirely unexpected move by the Japanese government. Back in December 2005 for instance, the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) issued a report in which it suggested to rethink the whole copy-once system, something the broadcasters didn’t like. About two months ago, the Keidanren seemed to be on JEITA’s side about the copy-once issue, and announced it would start a committee investigating copy-once relaxation methods, while suggesting “[i]t may influence government discussions on the issue.” So probably, that’s what we see happening here &— to be honest, sooner than I expected. […]

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