Time for some sidebar love (a handy link to the frontpage for the Atom/RSS subscribers): I’ve added a pretty banner of the upcoming DIVVY/dual Project my Tokyo Art Beat pals are organizing in cooperation with Creative Commons Japan and Mozilla Japan. From the TAB event page:

DIVVY/dual Project #1 is the first edition of a new series of events aimed at building a platform to re-connect the different agents involved in creative acts: the builder (artist / creator), the mediator (curator / organizer), and the crowd that contemplate the resulting work (audience). This first edition will consider how Open-Source principles borrowed from the software world could challenge the current art world and the relationships between its agents.


The project aims to research / discuss / propose a framework where the traditional schema of “sender / receiver” is broken down into a connectable relation between artists and the public, so that they can collaboratively build upon each other’s commitment.

The event will run from from September 18 until 23, and on the 24th, there is a not-to-miss Open Salon session with Noboru Tsubaki, Kiyoshi Kusumi, Dominick Chen, Takumi Endo and Hiroo Yamagata at the NTT ICC Inter Communication Center — you can find the nitty-gritty on TAB.

Disclaimer: I’m a proud TAB member and work on the TAB frontend in my free time.

Also: hat tip to Chris+Eiko from AQworks for the customized banner they whipped up for me in no time.

Hope to see you there!!

Update 2006-09-19: Olivier’s review of the installation is great. And oh, let me point to the project wiki, too.

Update 2006-09-21: review in The Japan Times (incl. pictures).

Update 2006-09-22: PingMag coverage: Open Source Art from DIVVY/dual.

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