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On the Japanese government’s alleged Linux plans

Last week, the Seeking Alpha blog pointed to the news that “a consortium of major IT firms including IBM, NEC and Oracle plan to sell servers and systems running Linux in Japan, following a measure by the government to promote use of the open-source OS within agencies from July.” In the comments (and also on the Mozilla in Asia blog), Gen Kanai expresses his doubts about this development and links to my 2005 post about the ever recurring Japan-switches-to-Linux stories. (thanks, Gen!)

Reading a rehash of the same news on LinuxWorld today, I am pretty sure this is indeed another Linux non-story. The following paragraph proves the government’s so called “plans” are just chit chat:

The details are light in terms of what types of Linux systems Oracle, IBM, HP, et al will produce for the Japanese government. What is interesting about the initial news is the absence of any major Linux operating system distributor as part of the announcement.

Of course, the reason why there is no vendor yet is because the deal will probably never happen. Microsoft will simply give in to the government’s pressure and offer its software at a lower price point. And be sure then that Japan’s Linux plans will be put in the fridge for another while.

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