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A long overdue update

Now that has taken a while!

More than 4 months without a single entry—luckily enough, my stats tool reminds me from time to time that people still find their way to this blog. Traffic hasn’t really gone down over the last four months, and old posts get unexpected pings and comments. Thanks for sticking around :-)

Opera SoftwareBut more about me: I have quit my job at Keio University earlier this year and, since the Summer, I’m working for Opera Software in Tokyo (and quite a bit in Oslo, too)—my meishi reads “QA engineer”. If that comes as a surprise, note that I’ve been writing about and working with web standards for quite a while, and that I’m a big believer in the “one web” philosophy Opera adheres to.

A comment by Mark Pilgrim nicely summarizes what I like about Opera:

[…] Opera is an example of how to do commercial software correctly. Fanatical adherence to open standards, no lock-in, and impressive cross-platform support.

And for those of you who get confused about which opinions on this blog are mine and which are Opera’s: they’re all mine (cfr. the FYI section in the sidebar).

What about my research on copyright+tech in Japan? Things obviously have slowed down a bit over the last couple of months, but I hope to start posting more regularly again from now on. Plenty of things to talk about. Stay tuned :-)